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The most important thing to do is to call 911 after your involvement in an auto accident. It is also important to be conscious of not implicating yourself in an accident. Tell the police exactly what happened. Do not say more than you need to. Do not speculate or guess. Do not sign anything other than the police report. Do not speak to the other driver’s insurance company. Do not apologize or admit guilt to anyone. Sometimes saying sorry can be used against you when the case is being negotiated on your behalf by legal counsel.


Auto Accidents

Millions of people are injured in automobile accidents every year. Automobile accidents account for the majority of personal injury cases. Most of which are attributed to negligent or distracted drivers.

Truck Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks, box trucks, tanker trucks, etc., can result in fatal or severe injuries for all parties involved.

Motorcycle Accidents

The popularity of Motorcycle riding has increased over the past few years leading to an influx in motorcycle accidents.

Wrongful Death

If the wrongful conduct of a person or persons caused someone to be killed, the person’s relatives (Heir and Descendants) make take legal action against the responsible person for the death.

Pedestrian Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) annually reports the number of pedestrian accidents and fatalities.

Slip & Fall

Case of personal injury is called slip and fall and sometimes people say a trip and fall. This is a claim that the property owner was negligent for allowing the dangerous condition to exist.


If you’ve been involved in an auto accident and you have injuries as a result of that accident, the Personal Injury Professionals can connect you with legal professionals who can provide sound advice and determine if you have a legal case. The following outlines how you can reach the Personal Injury Professionals and start the process of letting us connect you with medical and legal professionals.

Step 1: Request Consultation

Step 2: Explain the accident type you were involved in

Step 3: Connect with an attorney


The Personal Injury Professionals will connect you with a lawyer that will counsel you on your rights. It is very important that you speak with a lawyer before speaking to an insurance adjuster or agent. It doesn’t even matter if it’s your own insurance company. Also, before you call your insurance company to report the accident and give your statement, it is essential that an attorney has advised you. It’s important to know how the insurance industry operates and what your rights are. For example, insurance companies can and will use your statement against you if you seek more compensation than they are willing to pay.

The Personal Injury Professionals will then connect you with a medical professional who will help with your medical treatment and rehabilitation. In order to properly document your injuries sustained from the accident it is recommended that you seek medical treatment from a medical professional. Often times injuries sustained in an auto accident are slow to surface and often take a few days to become evident. A medical professional that specializes in auto accident injuries can be instrumental in ensuring that you have a complete and accurate record of all injuries sustained. The full details of the accident and the treatment records will help to build your case to ensure that you receive full and just compensation.

It is also important that you document the aftermath of the car accident. You should take pictures of all the damage to your vehicle along with any related property damage. If there are any visible injuries to yourself, it is recommended that you take pictures of them for documentation. Sometimes in the aftermath of an accident some things may seem trivial, document them anyway. Also make sure to get witness contact information from all other drivers and passengers including insurance registration. There are over 5 million car accidents in the U.S. annually; 1 out of  3 involves personal injury.

The Personal Injury Professionals wants to ensure that those involved in auto accidents receive the proper medical care and that the insurance industry compensates these victims fairly. As a consumer, you pay for insurance coverage and that coverage should not have to be negotiated by you in your time of need. It is your right to seek medical treatment after an auto accident and for the insurance company to pay for the cost of the treatment and rehabilitation. The Personal Injury Professionals has a network of legal professionals that will vigorously defend your rights against unscrupulous insurance companies and negligent drivers.

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